Wedding Party

Laura Burel

Maid of Honor

Laura is my very first best friend (along with her twin Magali). She is an amazing tattoo artist and works hard to make it a business. She is a compassionate, generous and genuinely kind person. We met when we were 7, and despite a separation of 12 years we still have so much in common and remain best friends, I would trust her with my life.

Magali Burel

Maid of Honor

Magali is my very first best friend (along with her twin Laura). She is a wonderful photographer and works hard to make it a business. She is an empathetic, giving, and genuinely caring person. We met when we were 7, and despite a separation of 12 years we still have so much in common and remain best friends, I would trust her with my life.

Clemence Lanos


Clemence is a hardworking nurse, born in Paris and brought to South of France just like me. We spent our high school years (and many more) together and I could never thank her enough for being by my side during that time. She is patient, cares for others, and would never hesitate to make you her priority. She is easygoing and always down for anything (mostly partying)!

Geordan Bader


Geordi is the daughter of Marla and Dave. She is part of the people I call my "American Family". Geordi recently moved to Orlando, after getting her Bachelor's Degree, to make her dream to work for Disney come true. She is the first person I met in Grand Rapids when she welcomed me in her parents house in May 2018. Geordi introduced me to so many things and places in GR. She also took me to my driver license test, came with me to visit apartments for rent... We went on my first Michigan road trip together, to see Taylor's Swift concert in Detroit, Disney on Ice and more. Geordi did so much for me and I am so grateful to have this girl full of joy in my life.

Stephanie Bosch


Stephanie is a Pricing Analyst at Gordon Food. She and I met 2 years ago when I started my new job in her team. Stephanie has always been an awesome coworker, always supportive and funny. She introduce to girls nights with some other coworkers, we had some couples hangouts with our husbands, we were pregnant together and became mothers almost at the same time. Stephanie and I have shared some great memories together and certainly have more to build. She is the life of the party and I am glad I can now count her as one of my closest friends I can always rely on.

Michael VanderMolen

Best Man

Mike is the older (by 1 minute) of my older brothers who are identical twins. While these guys have the exact same DNA, they are quite different in personality. They are however equally my 'best men.' Mike has always provided me with sound advice in personal matters. As a 14-year-old with no idea how to dance or attend a dance in high-school, I could ask Mike for advice. To this day, Mike has assisted with some of my most important (and expensive) life decisions. Mike works in the restaurant industry and is also a residential real-estate investor.

Bradley VanderMolen

Best Man

Brad is someone who is "good at everything," when you think of games, sports, or tasks. I've always looked to him as a mentor (even though he may not know) for things like work ethic, sports, or family. With 3 children, Brad is the family man, and he's a great father. He's also always down to chill and have a beer. Brad works in maintenance and repair for a group of businesses.

Chris Morgan


Chris is one of my oldest friends, and is a lot like an older brother. We grew up going to summer camp together and have maintained friendship. Chris is also one of the most dependable and helpful friends I have. When I moved back to Grand Rapids from the Washington D.C. area, Chris booked a flight to D.C. and helped me move back. He also offered to let me drive his Ford Mustang convertible to prom in high school! Chris manages a high-end residential construction company.

Jonathan Waterbury


Jon and I agree that we are the 'best roommates ever.' We have very similar tastes when it comes to culture, TV shows, and even sports/yard games. We may disagree about which one of us has the winning score when it comes to hundreds of games of croquet. Most people consider Jon to be the life of the party, and rightly so. You will always know when he is in the room, whether because of wanting to talk with him or because you can hear him laughing. Jon works as a software developer for a consulting firm.

Nick Delacher


Nick and I originally became friends when we started breakdancing together in our late teens. When I moved away from Grand Rapids for college, Nick continued breakdancing and was instrumental in forming a locally renowned breakdancing academy. After returning from college, Nick and I became close again, dancing (mostly him) and being goofs together. I feel as if I always have fun around him. Nick has recently launched a business specializing in residential repairs and renovations.

Marla Bader

Mistress of Ceremony

Marla (& Dave) has always been there for us during our entire relationship, always helping in our big life events, and bringing some fun stories and activities to do to our lives.
She is an extremely organized and very talented person when it comes to handcraft matters.
She is like family, and we wouldn't find a better person to be our Mistress of Ceremony.
Also she is American and speaks French fluently, so do not hesitate to ask her anything during our big day !

Rose Vander Molen

Flower Girl/Child

Our daughter Rose will be our sweet Flower Girl.